Our strong brand contributed to the result

Powerpipe Systems AB has had very good sales during 2015, the best in the company’s 30-year history. Our efforts to create a strong brand in Europe shows itself in the form of good sales figures in Sweden and in export markets. 

During the spring and summer we experienced, like so many others, a great shortage of raw materials for our plastic pipes. Polyethylene was a scarce resource for several months and we had to work hard to cope with deliveries to our customers. On top of that, the suppliers of polyethylene increased the prices significantly during the year, which represented a further challenge to us. However, our good relationships with both customers and selected suppliers made it possible to find a solution to both the costs of compensations and the delivery problems. 

Powerpipe’s result for 2015 is good, indicating that the company has continued to develop positively. The efficiency improvements made over a number of years has paid dividends. In 2016 we will continue to work to to strengthen our brand in Sweden and selected export markets. We will invest in the existent plant – the only one that produces preinsulated pipes for district heating in Sweden – and work to make logistics even better. Part of this work is a new website and a new catalogue, which is on its way to the market. 

– The goal of Powerpipe is to have a high flexibility, good delivery and high customer satisfaction and that we are well positioned to deliver even more from our modern factory, says CEO Johan Korpås

Powerpipe has today been informed that LOGSTOR will appeal the lawsuit that the Swedish Competition Authority has submitted to Stockholms tingsrätt (the district court of Stockholm) concerning LOGSTOR’s acquisition of Powerpipe Systems AB. 

– Regardless of the outcome of this case, we will continue to develop ourselves in our core and focus areas, which our customers sees as the most important part of our brand, says Marketing manager Ulf Andreasson

For further information – contact Marketing manager Ulf Andreasson, +46 0739 446 446 or CEO Johan Korpås, +46 760 007 030.